November castings box Special!

November castings box Special!

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In honor of the month of giving thanks I'm have a special for just the month of November!!! $325 worth of castings for only $250! That's $75 worth of extra castings. :)

One month subscription box- custom castings to the amount of $250+.

Email me ( with your picks of what and how many castings you would like from items I have previously cast below. Some items are seasonal/limited availability so please check if a note is added next to the item on the list. $250 is the starting price and if it goes over that cost I will bill you the remaining amount you owe before shipping your order. Each subscription box will include extras from your list so you get a value of $250+. I'm also open to hearing items that you would like to see cast that I haven't already cast. If I like your idea you will get one for free with your order. 

 Please allow the full month of November to receive your castings. Thank you!


Examples of castings I have cast:

*Succulents of all sizes/types (some succulents are seasonal)






hemlock cones

Pine cones

pine leaves

sea urchin spikes

Lynx and coyote claws (soon to be fox claws)

sage bundles/ smudge sticks

hydrengea flowers (seasonal)

shark teeth

Bat jaws

Cactus pads


Ammonties (small and medium)


Ivy leaves

crepe myrtle pods

cardamom pods

eucalyptus pods

poppy pods

lotus pods

Lavender stalk

sparrow skull

sm/lrg raven skull

honeycomb pairs

sm/lrg vertebra

Star anise (full/part)

owl talons

I also sometimes accept requests.

 Please allow the full month from your order date to receive your castings. Thank you!