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Arrows + Stone

Sterling silver hemlock cone and turquoise nugget necklace #6

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These little hemlock cone necklaces are perfect nature lovers. Cast in solid sterling silver by me in my home casting studio from the real thing. I added a pinned natural turquoise nugget charm from the now closed Godber Burnham mine. Strung on 18 inches of sterling silver chain.

They may be small but they have some weight to them. All hemlock cones are very similar to one another but each will differ slightly due to casting them directly from real hemlock cones.

The Godber mine, discovered in 1932, is located east of Austin, Nevada. First claimed under the name “Last Chance”, it was later sold to Frank Burnham and then in 1934 to Walter Godber. It is said that during his short time owning the mine, he pulled out over "100,000" worth of turquoise, before selling it to Godber. Godber turquoise has been featured in the movie "The 10 Commandments" in the 50s, and was sold in Tiffany stores. The Godber mine was mined underground for the majority of its early years.

Last two photos show an example of how they look worn.