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Arrows + Stone

Sterling silver natural Damele turquoise nugget starry moon textured wire necklace #15

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This necklace features a natural turquoise nugget from the Damele mine. Pinned in place in a sterling silver texture wire bail. A hand cast sterling silver crescent moon with engraved star details strung on 18 inches of sterling silver chain.

Each turquoise nugget is natural so each are one of a kind at around 12-14mm in size.

Each moon has hand carved star details so they may vary but are similar to the one in the photo.

A small mine producing a uniquely colored stone with a dark brown to black webbed matrix, the Damele mine is located in Nevada, neighboring the Carico Lake Mine and the Godber-Burnham mine. Much of what is found today from the claim is Variscite, the turquoise often coming from older rough. The rare color of the Damele stone, ranging from yellow and green to soft grey, the hardness of the stone, and the limited quantities, make Damele a coveted collector's stone.